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Back to School Day is a traditional North American school

Traditional foreign universities have two boys and girls were most welcome, first prom, followed by back to school dance. Back to school party is generally the end of the holidays, within one month after the beginning of the new school year was held as to meet the new students, older students, a welcome ceremony. Like the film which will often appear in the Queen's back to school concept is selected by the students of the popular vote up to a girl in the next school year, she is undoubtedly the most eye-catching object is the school. Although there is no right to attention no less than the same period was selected student council.

American high school dance of life is generally divided into three stages, Fan Jiaori dance, winter dance party and high-four graduates, partner usually couples, girls dressed in glittering skirts and boys a decent suit, the couple join in a few together to form a combination of dance, go out to dinner, take pictures.

Back to School Day is a traditional North American school, welcome back former live-in students and graduates of his alma mater, which will be organized cultural and sports events, and celebrations of Queen and named King. "Trend" Spirit week is Homecoming week one of the most representative of the Week Homecoming Dresses up in this week with the "wind" in the form of daily dress is gorgeously dressed, with different features.

High school is the most solemn graduation party in May, the girls usually buy expensive evening dress, the boys it is usually to rent evening dress, the whole outfit up to $ 200 rent, elegant luxury home rental also help children car what the real upper-class ostentation. Homecoming dance like prom is not so particular about, but it is also very formal social activities.

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This is a long-standing American school activities

As for the handle, KISS at the ball are surprising, like a couple in love, like, no one revealed a strange look, as if the school support to do that.

After the dance, and some students also open to the hotel room. Was heard this, I scared to, I thought: Where is the school ah? I think this is unique to free the Americans, and free! Some things like this: Let others arbitrary, not necessarily a bad hand effect.

All in all, this is a long-standing American school activities, and a few days ago, we went to her mother at home, even found a young mother to participate in the school's Homecoming Dresses (back to school section) dance photos! Her mother was at that party was elected queen.

I am from China's high school life spent. Think about that time, in addition to a run, playing baseball, rare singing contest, really relaxing activities for students is really too little. Now high school students to learn too much pressure, high school students --- parents are a lot of pressure because of high school students toward a better future is only one way (entrance). Of course, the U.S. high school students do not have to worry whether the test into college, as long as students want to go to college, and then be able to achieve their ideals. Really hope that China's high school students will no longer be admitted to the University of pressure, be able to enjoy their rights as a young man should be happy. But now only an idea --- because of different national conditions. For this reason only introduce high school life in the United States, for reference.

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Their four years of high school life

U.S. high school students in their four years of high school life, there are many parties, two of the larger party, one is held only after the eleventh grade school dance, the other is held back to school after tenth grade dance festival. Students at the ball in both male and female friends to Ban Cheng, as in love couple, boyfriend girlfriend to buy a corsage, a boyfriend of girlfriend buyers spend. Some male students made a special rental car to pick up female students to show their gentlemanly.

Participate in the school year to the United States after the ball is my second year, my husband held the school, when my husband told me: wear the sexiest and most beautiful clothing! I was surprised about him. But when I went to his school to know: My clothing is simply too conservative! Female high school sexy Homecoming Dresses with this when I first see this battle of the students dance was shocked! Parents to support this event, only the clothes would cost hundreds of dollars each --- parents are their children that this is the best time to choose male and female friends. Because the United States, children generally start to cross the age of sixteen male and female friends, but also from the age of sixteen, the children began to drive.

Boys suits, dignified gentleman. Female students elegant and beautiful, sexy. Coupled with the breath of spring to exude --- how can I allow them to revel in the wonderful atmosphere? They enjoy the dance ever and ... ah ... seems tireless cheerful birds. Carnival disco sometimes passion, sometimes elegant stretch Latin ... I see some of the students mesmerized --- real disco dance great! Thirsty, a school specifically for students to prepare drinks, hungry, and there are schools for students to prepare food, the school organized this event only one purpose: to enjoy their youth they gone! Finally, they also select outstanding dance dancing king and queen.

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Willfully bullied children tease the opposite sex

So formal, held a grand party for the children, necessary?

20 years experience in early childhood, Ms. Jennifer said with certainty: it is necessary. 6-year-old budding sexual awareness is the period of this period the child began to have a strong heterosexual child's curiosity, day hovering in the brain of the question is: "He (or she) why and I do not like? How can I treat him (or her)? "and so on. Such a strong curiosity if not with the right to divert to divergence, the child will be with some "non-normal way" to attract the attention of the opposite sex child, willfully bullied children tease the opposite sex, swearing constantly making faces, trying to become. "focus of attention "and so on. Jennifer, held that: it is relaxed and the ball can teach children how to get along with opposite sex partners. For example, boys are usually at the ball only to learn how to care for the girl, and how to understand the girl's self-esteem. "Only the little gentleman will be concerned about those fat, shy girl fast unhappy, for them, aware of the invitation to the most lovely girl dancing is just entertainment, but to invite the general appearance is the education of girls dancing."

Most of the parents, and Ms. Jennifer holds the same view. This is evident from their child's graduation party can be seen by the degree of attention: to accompany the child admission, all parents are dressed in costumes, keep the beard of a father with a printed white linen trousers full of iris to against the background daughter iris linen Dress; and a black mother and daughter, like wearing a cake-style Homecoming Dresses. The mother is a lawyer, her statement that all parents expressed support for the prom:

Children, no matter how you respect him, promising him, proud of him, not too much. You have devoted much of his expectations, he will grow in the way you expect.

Naturally, you expect their children will become their ritual dance training ground, in harmony with the opposite sex as their first step, you will be luck.

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Dance is usually the biggest round activities

As a veteran of the ceremonies, the British children's ability to become perfect gentlemen, ladies especially valued, the corresponding training about 4 years old from the child began, more than half of the girls was sent to study ballet and flamenco Domingo dance, to forging a beautiful body and noble qualities, and the boys were sent to learn riding and ballroom dancing, to train panic and upright posture of tolerance. This series of physical and etiquette training in children 6 years old, graduated from kindergarten ushered in the first overall review - British children 6 years of age should participate in their own prom.

Dance is usually the biggest round activities in the kindergarten room at all the site layout and food preparation done by the children themselves. Early in the morning, the children will come from the father and mother drove, making baked snacks, drinks modulation, blowing balloons, paper-cut flowers and other preparations. The closer the ball time, and some naturally shy child will be more intense, usually kindergarten teacher will prepare a lot of feather masks - for those not self-confidence, fear no fear of being refused an invitation or invite others to the children, mask allows them to relax .

Graduation party for the children of considerable value to parents, the child will be ready for the Homecoming Dresses carefully, boys usually wear "boy-style tuxedo," white concierge pants; girl is all kinds of harness-style dress skirts, some careful Parents and children will even prepare a small partner contrast dress.

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